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Senior Specialist - Logistics Centers

Division:  Operations
Department:  Supply Chain and Logistics
Company:  Red Sea Global

Job Purpose

To support the Supply Chain and Logistics Department through the gathering, cleansing, sorting and aggregation of data from various sources. To then consult on the business information and decision making needs, and design, plan, coordinate and manage data to generate output reports and presentations

Job Responsibilities - Leadership

Job Responsibilities - Functional

Supply Chain and Logistics

•    Plan, design and develop data reports ad presentations
•    Consult multiple sources of data, both internal and external
•    Conduct validation testing and cleansing of data
•    Make clear ad objective definitions of data
•    Consult within the business to understand the information needs for reporting, KPI’s, and metrics for decision making
•    Create databases
•    Create output reports, KPI dashboards, PowerPoint presentations, etc
•    Liaise with systems and operations teams to gather data and generate standard reports
•    Assist in the preparation of periodic (daily, weekly, monthly and adhoc) reports with respect to facilities, operations, activities and inventory
•    Performing other duties related to the job as assigned by TRSDC Management

Job Responsibilities - Organizational

Policies, Systems, Processes, Procedures, Standards and Reports
•    Follow all relevant functional policies, processes, standard operating procedures, and instructions to ensure that work is carried out in a controlled and consistent manner. 
•    Assist in the preparation of accurate and timely functional MIS statements and reports to meet corporate and functional requirements, policies, and standards.

Safety, Quality & Environment 
•    Apply safety, quality and environmental management policies, procedures, and controls to ensure employee safety, legislative compliance, delivery of high-quality products/service and a responsible environmental attitude.

Continuous Improvement   
•    Contribute to the identification of opportunities for continuous improvement of department’s systems, processes and practices considering ‘international best practice’, improvement of business processes, cost reduction and productivity improvement.

Job Stakeholders - Internal

•    Logistics Facilities Teams
•    Transport & Distribution Team
•    International Freight and Clearing Team
•    Compliance, QA and Training Teams
•    Logistics Systems Teams
•    Operations
•    IT Team

Job Stakeholders - External

•    Logistics Service Providers
•    Hardware, Software, and Host Service Providers

Job Requirements - Qualification & Experience

•    Recognized degree in Data Science, Analytics or Data Management related field (MBA preferred)
•    A minimum of 3 years in a supply chain and logistics operations field (preferred)

Job Requirements - Skills

•    MS Office
•    Supply Chain and Logistics systems
•    Data Management/Data Science
•    Power BI
•    Database languages
•    Access Database
•    PowerPoint and Graphics software

Job Context

Job Competencies - Leadership

Strategic Thinking
Driving Change
Empowerment & Talent Development
Innovation & Creativity
Effective Communication
Teamwork and Collaboration
Adaptability & Learning Agility
Business and Organizational Awareness
Teamwork & Collaboration
Adaptability & Learning Agility
Effective Communication
Business and Organizational Awareness

Job Competencies - Core

Job Competencies - Functional