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Senior Analyst - Special Assignments

Division:  Internal Audit
Department:  Audit Management Office
Company:  Red Sea Global

Job Purpose

Perform extensive research and analysis to detect suspicious transactions and determine fraudulent activities in areas such as Procurement, Finance, IT/IS, etc. Lead investigations of allegations of wrongdoings, suspected fraudulent activities in the Company. Manage and execute ad-hoc tasks and requirements as assigned by the Director or the Chief Internal Auditor.

Job Responsibilities - Leadership

Job Responsibilities - Functional

Special Assignments
•    Lead Internal Audit’s efforts in Anti-Fraud Management to prevent, detect, and investigate opportunities, allegations and issues of fraud and financial abuse within the company.
•    Identify, and clearly define, forensic issues and root causes, recommend improved internal controls and business processes, and ensure that corrective action plans are developed. 
•    Promote a zero-tolerance control environment where fraud or noncompliance is unacceptable and difficult to conceal. 
•    The Senior Analyst will conduct internal investigations of alleged or suspected violations of corporate policies, including theft, fraud, embezzlement, conflict of interest, collusion, kickbacks, and records falsification. 
•    Gather, review, and analyze data in support of an investigation. 
•    Conduct informational and admission seeking type interview. 
•    Prepare clear, comprehensive, and cohesive investigative reports and memoranda in a timely manner. 
•    Prepare work papers to adequately document investigations performed with supporting evidence for all forensic findings.
•    During the investigative process, provide effective recommendations and solutions to identified issues; ensure business agreement, and follow-through. 
•    Interface with various levels of the organization, including Senior Management. 
•    Provide concise and meaningful updates to the Director, Chief Internal Auditor, senior management, human resources, and legal team. 
•    Provide coaching of less experienced team members aimed at facilitating the completion of investigations and developing team members' investigation skills.
•    Administer key parts of the company's Ethics and Compliance program, including monitoring the ethics hotline.

Ad Hoc
•    Under the supervision of the Director, perform Ad-Hoc Audits; prepare draft reports, and assume an active role in the discussion of recommendations and agreed remedial actions with the appropriate level of management.
•    Work with the Director on responding to Ad Hoc Audit Committee and Executive Management requests for information and audits and ensure timely and efficient support.
•    Evaluate control designs; developed and executed procedures to assist with validation and sustainability testing of Regulatory Compliance special projects.
•    Provided consulting services to executive management and performed special projects at the request of the Chief Internal Auditor.
•    Project management over special projects.

Job Responsibilities - Organizational

Policies, Systems, Processes, Procedures, Standards and Reports
•    Follow all relevant functional policies, processes, standard operating procedures and instructions to ensure that work is carried out in a controlled and consistent manner. 
•    Assist in the preparation of accurate and timely functional MIS statements and reports to meet corporate and functional requirements, policies and standards.

Safety, Quality & Environment 
•    Apply safety, quality and environmental management policies, procedures and controls to ensure employee safety, legislative compliance, delivery of high-quality products/service and a responsible environmental attitude.

Continuous Improvement   
•    Contribute to the identification of opportunities for continuous improvement of department’s systems, processes and practices considering ‘international best practice’, improvement of business processes, cost reduction and productivity improvement.

Job Stakeholders - Internal

•    Chief Internal Auditor
•    Assurance Directors & Senior Managers
•    IA Department Staff Members

Job Stakeholders - External

•    TRSDC Department Staff Members
•    IA Consultants and Service Providers

Job Requirements - Qualification & Experience

•    Demonstrate good knowledge in managing and performing fraud investigations and good knowledge of fraud indicators and scenarios in real estate development, and general business operations.
•    Demonstrate good knowledge of conducting and managing audits / consulting projects of corporate business processes.
•    Prove a minimum of 7+ years of Internal Audit/Compliance/Fraud Control having reviewed business processes, and financial records.  
•    Preferably having acquired experience working in audit/fraud management with real estate developers / asset management as well as audit firms.
•    Bachelors’ Degree in Finance, Accounting or Management related fields.
•    Relevant professional certification (CFE or CIA or CRMA) is desirable. 
•    Demonstrate good knowledge of using Microsoft Office, data analytics tools, documents review and case management platforms.

Job Requirements - Skills

The Senior Analyst must possess and demonstrate the following skills:
•    Experience conducting investigations in fraud and wrongdoings, with focus on Procurement, Contracting as well as regulatory compliance with AML and KYC requirements, preferably with real estate developers.
•    Exceptional communication skills including the reports writing both in Arabic and English.
•    Ability to communicate with all stakeholders including management levels.
•    Capacity for prioritizing work, effective time management, initiative, thoroughness, and ability to lead multiple mandates and teams simultaneously.
•    Knowledge of Internal Control Structure:  In-depth ability to ensure that adequate control mechanisms are in place consistent with established accounting policies and procedures. Requires a good working knowledge of company policies and procedures.
•    Policy Documentation:  Solid knowledge of transaction flows and controls required in a computerized environment.
•    Ability to work well under pressure and within tight deadlines
•    Ability to deliver quality results (and end products) on time, with a high degree of integrity, ethically and professionally.

Job Context

Job Competencies - Leadership

Effective Communication
Teamwork and Collaboration
Adaptability & Learning Agility
Business and Organizational Awareness

Job Competencies - Core

Job Competencies - Functional