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Construction Manager

Division:  Projects Delivery
Department:  AMAALA Construction
Company:  The Red Sea Development Company

Job Purpose

To lead construction works on-site by providing CM advice and leadership throughout the construction phase, ensuring construction works are adequately planned, controlled and executed, ensuring appropriate levels of coordination between contractors, sub-contractors and other interfacing parties, and auditing work executed by the contractor in order to achieve safe, successful execution of the project.

Job Responsibilities - Leadership

Strategic Contribution 
• Assist with the planning and execution of construction related plans and targets and execute the strategic agenda of the Construction function to deliver TRSDC vision and mission. 
• Ensure that the overall construction strategy / plan is executed at site and monitor the performance and execution of those plans in order to achieve functional objectives and deliver the company’s overall strategy. Leadership 
• Coordinate the various Contractors to ensure that all work is carried out safely and efficiently, in line with the strategic Construction Management plans, policies and procedures. 
• Manage the Contractors by setting priorities and objectives, managing performance, and providing ongoing feedback, advice and direction to ensure the contractor meets their contractual, legal, moral and other established obligations. 
• Serve as a role model to ensure TRSDC (and other’s) employees’ awareness and commitment to TRSDC vision, mission, values, fundamentals and corporate strategy to establish a highly engaged and motivated human resources, and continuously improve performance. Budget 
• Be aware of project budgets and ensure works undertaken are in compliance with the various Contractual obligations. Ensure changes and variations are appropriately planned and managed to minimize cost increase. Identify and report areas of Contractor non-compliance / areas of unsatisfactory performance and drive performance improvement opportunities to ensure value for money project delivery.

Job Responsibilities - Functional

• Take part in the meetings held between the CM / engineering teams and the contractors, help in the cost and quantity estimation, define the scope of work and work conditions, approve with the Senior Project Manager on the construction phase presented by the contractor, give final recommendations in order to kick off works. Ensure all necessary prerequisites are in place before physically commencing any part of the works. These to include Insurances, Method Statements, Risk Assessments, Execution Plans, ESIAs, CSEMPs, etc. 
• Ensure all works on site are adequately and safely planned, performed, directed and supervised by the contractor and sub-contractors. Make sure that work is executed as per drawings, specifications, plans and other contractual requirements. 
• Ensure that all the materials used and that work executed is in line with the contract requirements. • Conduct daily site visits and report to the contractor about issues concerning work execution to fix them. • Ensure that all safety and environmental planning is in place and that necessary measures are taken in order to avoid any accidents or incidents. 
• Compare planned work versus work executed, make sure that all works are delivered on time and to the required quality. Report to the contractor any areas of unsatisfactory performance and ensure appropriate action is taken by Contractors to correct them. 
• Identify and manage the project risks presented by the contractors and consultants or due to the quality of materials, timely sourcing, delivery, and cost of items procured to institute risk avoidance, risk mitigation or risk-sharing measures. Manpower Management 
• Lead any reporting TRSDC employees on-site, providing advice and guidance as appropriate. • Coordinate with the contractor and sub-contractor to ensure provision of adequate resources through an efficient workforce plan aligned with the construction phases and work priorities to achieve safe and successful project delivery. 
• Proactively estimate and forecast required resources, based on the upcoming construction phase, number and qualification of the workforce needed to avoid manpower shortage.

Job Responsibilities - Organizational

Policies, Systems, Processes, Procedures, Standards and Reports
• Follow all relevant functional policies, processes, standard operating procedures and instructions to ensure that work is carried out in a controlled and consistent manner.
• Assist in the preparation of accurate and timely functional MIS statements and reports to meet corporate and functional requirements, policies and standards.

Safety, Quality and Environment
• Apply safety, quality and environmental management policies, procedures and controls to ensure employee safety, legislative compliance, delivery of high-quality products/service and a responsible environmental attitude.

Continuous Improvement
• Contribute to the identification of opportunities for continuous improvement of the department's systems, processes and practices considering ‘international best practice’, improvement of business processes, cost reduction and productivity improvement.

Job Stakeholders - Internal

Construction Managers, Project Managers, HSE Managers, Commercial Managers, Planners

Job Stakeholders - External

Contractors, Subcontractors

Job Requirements - Qualification & Experience

• Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, Architecture or Construction Management 
• Minimum of 6 to 8 years of experience in a similar position

Job Requirements - Skills

• Time Management 
• Team Management 
• Communication Skills 
• Ability to work under pressure

Job Context

• The Construction Manager will primarily be based on-site and may need to travel as needed

Job Competencies - Leadership

Job Competencies - Core

Effective Communication
Teamwork and Collaboration
Adaptability & Learning Agility
Business and Organizational Awareness

Job Competencies - Functional