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Associate Director - Development

Division:  Development
Department:  Development
Company:  Red Sea Global

Job Purpose

To contribute to delivering on the development team’s priorities and responsibilities, as determined by the Chief Delivery Officer.

Job Responsibilities - Leadership

  • Develop business cases for new developments planned within the project
  • Work with staff, consultants, and other parties to manage and complete the design process

Job Responsibilities - Functional


  • Manage the Development Team knowledge base regarding Residential, Hospitality, Retail,  Office, Attraction, and other asset types.
  • Maintain close relationship with the Project Delivery teams to ensure alignment
  • Ensure the completion of tasks within acceptable time frames through the preparation, review and management of schedules by coordinating and managing participants
  • Inform and collaborate on the underwriting of all development projects
  • Assist with the preparation of RFPs, consultant bids, review and manage consultant contracts
  • Monitor construction progress through periodic on-site observations
  • Keep abreast of regulatory changes affecting development requirements in order to take advantage of or compensate for the changes which may impact the project
  • Coordinate all year-end reporting
  • Oversee financial statement preparation and assisting with financial statements as needed to prepare for year-end audits
  • Staff and facilitate meetings as necessary
  • Performs other tasks as required

Job Responsibilities - Organizational

  • Lead and coordinate the consultant teams, including land planners, engineers, architects, and other third party consultants, as well as the construction team
  • Drive the development process by updating schedules, budgets, timelines, financial information, projections and closings as necessary
  • Conduct market research as and when necessary to maintain timely intelligence regarding development plans and revenue projections

Job Stakeholders - Internal

Job Stakeholders - External

Job Requirements - Qualification & Experience

Degree in Finance, Real Estate Development, Urban Planning, or business related

Masters degree or currently in a Master’s programme – preferred

10 years work experience minimum

Job Requirements - Skills

Strong written and verbal communication, negotiation and presentation skills

Ability to develop and manage budgets and understand job cost management

Mastery of real estate development principles

Ability to recognize and assess risks through rigorous analysis

Ability to identify and resolve problems and develop alternative solutions in a timely manner

Detail oriented and organized work habits

Ability to act and operate independently with minimal daily direction

Excellent time management and organizational skills

Job Context

Job Competencies - Leadership

Strategic Thinking
Driving Change
Empowerment & Talent Development
Innovation & Creativity
Driving Change
Empowerment & Talent Development
Strategic Thinking
Teamwork & Collaboration
Adaptability & Learning Agility
Innovation & Creativity
Effective Communication
Business and Organizational Awareness

Job Competencies - Core

Effective Communication
Teamwork and Collaboration
Adaptability & Learning Agility
Business and Organizational Awareness

Job Competencies - Functional